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Simply said, I’m a scientist who fell in love with new ways of healing the body! I have been able to transform my life through mediation, energy work, and lessons from neuroscience and quantum physics.  In doing so, I have created the career path, the relationships, and the physical well-being that brings me joy and peace every day.  My goal is to pass along these gifts to others.  You too can raise your energy vibration and break the cycle of negative thought patterns so you can live the life that you want!

I am originally from Brazil, and since I was 8 years old I wanted to be a veterinarian.  I pursued that career by entering veterinarian school when I was 19.  I soon discovered that I wanted to work with wild animals and help save endangered species.  I decided to move to Chicago in the spring of 2002 to do an internship at the Lincoln Park Zoo. However, the internship did not work out and the director of the zoo recommended that I pursue a graduate degree to complete research that would be aligned with my goals.

I was accepted to a master’s program in Zoology at Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) in the spring 2004.  After successfully earning my master’s degree in 2007, I began working toward a Ph.D. where I studied the conservation genetics of gazelles in Northeast Africa.  During this time, I also met my husband, and we got married in the summer of 2012.  I relocated to Oregon where my husband was completing his Ph.D., and we eventually moved to Reno, NV after my husband got an Assistant Professor position at the University of Nevada.

After relocating to Reno, I got hired to teach molecular biology at a local community college in 2016.  Soon after that position, I got a full-time position to teach biology at a prestigious high school.  I loved working with the students, but the busy schedule and high demand required to do this job kept me stressed out 24-7.  Also during this time, I developed a auto-immune disease called Hashimoto where your body start attacking your thyroid.

Through nutrition, energy healing work, meditation and a decision to change my career, I was able to recover from my illness.  Now I feel more balanced and fulfilled in life!  I am still on my healing journey to transform aspects of myself, including those emotions that are not in alignment with my purpose in life.  I light up when I am able to help people to discover their true purpose in life and help them achieve their dreams, whether those dreams are related to health, relationships, careers, or spirituality.

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