Therapy of the Soul

Therapy of the Soul (Terapía da Integração Somato-Emocional – or TISE) is an energy healing modality I learned in my home country of Brazil.

In this therapy, I connect with your higher-self (your soul) to determine what it needs for that specific day. The goal is to release emotional memories that become blocked in our fascia, which is the connective tissue that covers our muscles, bones, and tendons.

Emotions as Energy in Motion

Think about your emotions as “energy in motion.”  When we deny or suppress an emotion, we hold this energy in our body. Emotions like fear, anger, sadness, guilt, and shame have a very low vibration compared to emotions like love, joy, gratitude, and peacefulness.  When we ignore or deny lower emotions, which are triggered by a memory, we hold this energy in our bodies, and this lower energy can cause the cells in our bodies to become incoherent.  That means our cells are not communicating with each other in a coherent or proper way.  This can lead to feeling burdened by life, but it can also potentially make us more susceptible to developing chronic illnesses.

Releasing Energy Blockages

In Therapy of the Soul, I connect to your body and soul. I do this by locating and identifying which particular emotion is blocked in your body.  After we determine what emotion needs to be released, I connect to your subconscious mind by focusing my intention.  I allow you and your subconscious mind to determine what we need to work on that day.  Then I use my hands to guide me to the region in your body where the energy is blocked and release it through intention and connection to a higher source.