Nutrition Education

What we feed our bodies is essential to our well being. Each person has a unique genetic set up and life experiences (how much stress one has dealt with) that contributes to their nutritional tolerance. Our individuality is very important when it comes to feeding our bodies because a food that is potentially detrimental to one person might be healing for another one. Some foods can be potentially allergenic to many people like gluten, dairy, eggs, sugar, and some nuts. But some people can be very particular in that their bodies do not accept grains anymore (me!) while others thrive on a grain diet. To discover our unique nutritional needs and tolerances the body needs to go through a period of elimination and detoxification of the most common allergenic foods. When we eliminate a particular food from our diet from three to four weeks, after this period, if this particular food is problematic for the body, the body will react negatively to it.  I did this type of elimination with many foods because of health issues. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease in 2017 and I have discovered that my body does not tolerate most grains, dairy, red meat, and sugary sweets. I do not follow any specific diet, I like to listen to what my body needs and enjoys eating by paying attention to the signals it sends me. The only must in my life is a diet mostly organic and produce from local farmer’s market when possible. I have noticed a huge difference in mood and well being when eating a grain free diet with mostly vegetables that are organic and produced locally. I have discovered delicious grain free breads, cakes, and donuts recipes. Stay tuned for recipes soon!



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