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Healing Alma

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At Healing Alma, I help you heal your heart from past and current relationships. By doing so, I help you love yourself, which means you can discover your true purpose in life. We all deserve to live the life that we really want, but stress and anxiety sometimes block us from pursuing those goals. Stress and anxiety can create emotional blocks in our bodies. After all, emotions are really just ‘energy in motion.’

So I use multiple energy healing modalities to probe deep into the emotional blocks that are contained within your body. Many people know Reiki as a common form of energy healing, but I also combine this with other techniques, including a technique called terapia da alma (“therapy of the soul”) from my native country of Brazil. Combining insights from many techniques helps me probe deeper than any one modality can accomplish. The goal is to get to the root cause of what is holding you back in life. Once we identify these blocks, we can work on releasing them so you can heal your heart, love yourself, and discover your true purpose in life!

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